Flynn and Flanagan - The Irish Bar of HOVIMA Santa María

Flynn and Flanagan Irish Bar

We open a new irish bar! Welcome to Flynn and Flanagan!

HOVIMA Santa María opens a new bar which opened its doors on september 9. But Flynn and Flanagan isn’t just any bar! It is a bar with an irish style. Come and drink a beer or a cocktail with us during your vacations in Flynn and Flanagan!

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Our Chillout Marrakech

Chillout Marrakech

Have you ever been in our Chillout Marrakech in HOVIMA Panorama?

The Chillout Marrakech in our HOVIMA Panorama, is a corner where can connect your five senses while you enjoy totally relaxed a refreshing drink with the sound of the water in the fountain.

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We have a New Outdoor Stage!

This summer we are releasing a new outdoor stage!

In HOVIMA Costa Adeje we keep improving our facilities, following our minimalist and modern style to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

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