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Discover Santa Cruz by "OPEN AIR BUS"

On March 1st 2011 the city of Santa Cruz exposed its first Tourist bus. At the ceremony were the mayor of Santa Cruz, Miguel Zerolo, Ángel Isidro Guimerá of the “Sociedad de Desarrollo” of Santa Cruz, the head of Titsa, Juan Carlos Pérez Frías and the President of City Sightseeing, Enrique Ybarra Valdenebro have been. It was given a great importance to the 5 buses that disabled people also can take easily the opportunity to use this new offer.




The travel times are daily available from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm on every day of the year.A whole round trip takes about 45 minutes if you stay the whole time in the bus. There are 14 stops in the city. Some of them are;

Plaza de España, Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa, the port (important for tourists who want to go further by boat), Cuartel de Almeida (with the Tiger Cannon), Parque García Sanabria, Las Ramblas, Plaza Pedro Shwartz (better known as Plaza Militar), Auditorio Adan Martin, Corte Inglés (shopping center), and finally the stop for buses and trams.




The price for a daily ticket of sightseeing is 6 € for children and residents, and 9.99 € for non-residents and adults. Tickets are available at tourist information offices in Santa Cruz, the Sociedad de Desarrollo and at local hotels and at various other places.

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