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HOVIMA official sponsor of Rallye Villa de Adeje

We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Rallye, and HOVIMA will be one of the official sponsors

HOVIMA Official Sponsor Rallye Villa de AdejeOne thing is certain: Teamfactory and the city of Adeje do all their best to make this event, in their own words, “ the best in the city Adeje”, which will take place on the weekend of 10th and 11th April, and will be the first round of the championship of Spain 2015. The event will include a wide variety of activities around the topic of rallye and motoring. The racetrack will be demanding, long, intense, and of two stages, and with all kind of variants in terms of pace, asphalt, and scenarios, for the enjoyment of all.

The teams of José Antonio Aznar (Porsche 911 GT3) and Opel Spain with Esteban Vallin and Angela Vilariño, have been the first who have confirmed their participation in the Rally. Friday and saturday there will be held, each three sections of two passes, therefore a so-called 3x2. The Rally finish and the final party will be held at the Plaza de España, with following proclamation of winners and awards ceremony.

We are very proud that our hotel, HOVIMA Jardin de Caleta, will be the official accommodation for the participating teams and the press, during the Rally.


The VIIIth bycicle touring Chaveña in the South of Tenerife


The roads of the south of Tenerife were a witness this Sunday of the eighth edition of the popular March Bycicle Touring Chaveña, which counted 128 participants. The appointment was organized by the Insular Federation of Cycling of Tenerife and the Cycling Club Chaveña, with the collaboration of Granadilla of Abona's Sports Department , with a route of 72 kilometers.
The VIIIth bycicle touring Chaveña started at 9:00 am. The councilor accompanied the cyclists along the whole tour..

The municipalities of Granadilla, San Miguel and Vilaflor were places choosen and around 12:00 the course was in the Place Doctor Pérez Cáceres of Vilaflor for the regrouping. After thirthy minutes they took the way back to Granadilla. (Insular Federation of Cycling of Tenerife)

Blue Flag for the beaches in Tenerife


The Blue Flag is a selective eco-label awarded annually by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) to ensure the continued compliance of its criteria. This award requires the beaches and marinas that receive it to comply with a series of specific criteria, based on four main areas:

  • water quality
  • environmental education and information
  • environmental management
  • safety and services

The Blue Flag is managed by the Health Department of the Canary Islands Government through its Directorate General for Public Health.
The international campaign rewards the efforts made by local authorities and marina management to comply with the high levels of demand required. The reward guarantees environmental quality, caring for the environment, accessibility and services, and a high standard of water quality.
Technicians from the Environmental Health Service of the Directorate General of Public Health of the Health Department of the Canary Islands Government work to ensure that conditions are met and collaborate with local corporations requesting assistance when submitting applications for this universally acknowledged award. The technicians permanently oversee the health standards of candidate beaches and marinas and provide guidance for local authorities to ensure that their application for the Blue Flag award is successful.

Blue Flag beaches in Tenerife in 2011:

Granadilla: El Médano and La Tejita.
Arona: Las Vistas and El Camisón.

Adeje: Troya I-II.
Santiago del Teide: La Arena. (awarded with the blue flag for 25 consecutive years, till present)
Tacoronte: La Arena (Mesa del Mar)

We look forward to see you on these lovely and safe beaches!


Places To Visit Tenerife Top 10

A selection of the most important places for our tourism information .
Considering that is possible to enjoy  different activities  and visit many other nature spots in Tenerife, according to our tourism information agents interviewed we have classified the 10 most interesting places of Tenerife that you might not get lost if you come to spend your holidays.
Ttry yourself  to realize  a selection of those, wich are in our opinion, the places to bear in mind to enjoy the island.
In this post, there are just 10, but could be more. It was a very simple question made: If you had to recommend 10 places to visit in Tenerife, wich would be?

1. National Park of Las Cañadas del Teide.


Undoubtedly, the most visited place in Tenerife is El Parque Nacional de las Cañadas del Teide (Mount Teide National Park) wich lodges the highest peak of Spain (3.718 meters on the sea level).
From Costa Adeje, you can reach the National Park by the roads of Vilaflor or Chío. From the North side of the island, you can drive by the roads of La Orotava or La Laguna (La Esperanza).
Inside the National Park you can find El Centro de Visitantes (The Visitor Center), where you can get more information and enjoy the services of bar, restaurant and a souvenirs shop. You have also the possibility to go up to 3.550 meters of the vulcano by the Teleférico (Cable Car).
If you like hiking, It's also possible  here thanks to the footpaths net of the National Park. (Free guide  service is possible booking  previously Phone 922 290 129). To go up to the very top of the vulcano (3.718metres), you need to be provided with a special permission.

2. Caserío de Masca (Masca Village).


It is located inside of  Parque Rural de Teno (Teno Rural Park), within the municipality of Buenavista del Norte. Inside of this landscape scenery   the deepest ravines of the island of Tenerife are located.
The Village of Masca has been declared an ethnographic and architectural place as an example of the ancient natural architecture in the Canary Islands. The oldest building is the house of the Avinculados. One of the houses has been conditioned to lodge a museum and a handicraft center.
If you like hiking, the Barranco de Masca (Ravine of Masca) is one of the most spectacular of the island. It starts up in the mountains and goes down to the sea. In case of being interested in realizing this  footpath, we recommend you to book previously the collection service with some of the boat companies., avoiding thus  you have to come up the same way. They will take you up to the Marina of Los Gigantes

3. Acantilado de Los Gigantes (Los Gigantes Cliffs)


This is one of the most photographed sceneries of the island. Its impressive vertical walls, some of them with more than 600 meters of altitude, go deep into the sea down to approximately 30 meters under the sea. The Acantilados de los Gigantes is a great natural resource that fascinate  scuba divers.
If you have arrived at Los Gigantes by car, you can take the opportunity of the trip and approach up to the previous point of our list, El Caserío de Masca.

4. San Cristóbal de La Laguna

It has been  declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.
Its historical center supports an excellent conservation level and its streets offer you several monuments and historical buildings together with a big shopping area. It is an important traditional university city.

5.-Parque Rural de Anaga (Anaga Rural Park).


This place  lodges an extraordinary natural biodiversity and it is located at one of the topmost points in which the island of Tenerife is settled.
A wonderful scenery, spectacular cliffs and leafy forests of laurisilva. El Parque Rural de Anaga is one of the areas of major ecological value of Tenerife and enjoying it means to dedicate time to cover some of its footpaths. It stands out also, a beautifull beach of volcanic black sand: la Playa de Benijos.

6. Drago Milenario, Icod de los Vinos (The Dragoon Tree of Icod)


It is one of the most important natural, cultural and historical symbols of the Canaries. El Drago Milenario de Icod (The Dragon Tree of Icod) wich is considered the oldest tree of the archipelago is now around 800 years old,over 16 meters high and has a circumference base of 20 meters.
An endemic garden has been made around the tree, specially didactic and illustrative, which has small dragon trees, teasels, tabaibas,etc…
It has become the most popular attraction in Icod and it is situated next to the Iglesia de San Marcos

7. Valle de La Orotava


It is a wonderful picture with Teide's shape at the back. We suggest  you to stop at the viewpoint of Humboldt (road TF 21) to enjoy a nice panoramic of the Valley.
Furthermore, on the way, you can visit the Historical City Centre which has been considered an Artistic Historical Whole by the Central Government due the architectural treasures.

8. Vilaflor

If you decide to go to the Teide by the road of Vilaflor, you could stop at this pleasant and quite village in the South of Tenerife.
It´s the highest municipality in Spain and it is located at 1400 meters above sea level. This village is surrounded with pines and almond trees, with excellent architectonical examples like the Parish Church and the old House-Palace of the Soler family´s who founded the village.
Trekking, mountainbiking and hiking are some examples of the activities for enjoying this municipality.

9. Garachico


The Village and Fishing Port of Garachico wich was declared Heritage of Cultural Interest with the Historic Whole Category, shows you a brilliant past with convents, churches, mansions and so many other interesting buildings like the Chapel of San Roque, the Ex Convent of Santo Domingo de Guzman or the old Convent Of San Francisco.
The Town was rebuild in 1706, when Garachico was buried because of the eruption of the volcano of Trevejo.
If you have time enough, after  visiting its important Architectural Heritage, you can enjoy the natural pools, beaches and coves.

10. Paseo Litoral desde La Caleta hasta Los Cristianos (La Caleta- Los Cristianos Seafront Pedestrian Promenade)


In here you  can enjoy a very long promenade that links both municipalities  Adeje and Arona and it has become the most popular activity among tourists.
This is a seafront  pedestrian promenade of approximately 9 kms. Different beaches, hotels, restaurants and shops  compose the Touristic Town Centre of Costa Adeje and Playa de las Americas-Los Cristianos.
Besides, you´ll feel the pleasant marine breeze and the warm sun, always seeing in the horizon The Island of La Gomera.

We have ruled out some other important places which heve been mentioned for our tourism information agents:La Basilica de Nuestra Señora de Candelaria. It lodges the Patron Saint of the Canarian People.
Parque Rural de Teno Alto ( Natural Park of Teno Alto) which is a hamle located in the Rural Park of Teno.
Puerto de la Cruz, a tourist city in the North of the island where it is possilbe to enjoy the small volcanic beach of  Playa Jardín. and fhe pleasant atmosphere that invites you to relax and rest. The capital of the Island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a city where you can walk along  boulevards and pedestrian streets to discover a great shopping choice.

Obviously, we are aware of that thematic parks, leisure and beaches have not been mentioned in this top 10. We will do it next time.

What do you think about this Top 10? Do you like it ? will you visit them?

More information at webtenerife.com

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