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* Will be charged 20 € of deposit at the time of booking (except the Hotel La Pinta, in which will be charged 100%)

HOVIMA cares about your fidelity!

We are more than glad to let our clients know that HOVIMA continues to reward your fidelity, starting with your second visit, till the 25th or more one, as it happened with one of our HOVIMA Guests, which came for the 25th time this October 2011, at HOVIMA Santa Maria. We called it the “silver stay”…and we really appreciated our Mrs. and Mr. Debruyne faithfulness in keeping booking with HOVIMA all this last years; so we tried to make this “silver stay” anniversary as memorable as possible for them…starting with various details and inviting them to our La Vieja Restaurant, where they enjoyed a lovely dinner. By this article we take the chance again to thank them publicly for the confidence they placed in our company and we look forward to continue seeing them around here. Kind regards,


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